You are currently viewing Uncovering the Modern Wealthy: A Comprehensive Launch You Review (Full Disclosure)

Uncovering the Modern Wealthy: A Comprehensive Launch You Review (Full Disclosure)

You are looking at the ultimate Launch You review guide! Are you interested in starting an online business but unsure where to begin? Have you come across Six Figure Mentors / Launch You / Modern Wealthy and are still deciding if it’s the right fit for you?

And, more importantly, you wonder if you will achieve the success that you’re after and make money online?

If you’re interested in finding out, check out my full discloser Launch You review that covers:

Keep reading to learn more.

My Personal Experience with Launch You

Steffen Mey working from the beach

In 2019, I made the bold decision to start a side hustle and sell my services online. I recognized that working a 9-5 corporate job until retirement was not aligned with my aspirations. At first, I thought I could simply advertise online and attract customers. But after spending a considerable amount on advertising without any results, I had to take a step back.

It was then that I realized the importance of learning how to do this properly. This is when I discovered Launch You and Stuart Ross. Initially, I was thrilled about my future as the ultimate online entrepreneur and watched many videos by Stuart Ross. Yet, like you, I conducted my own research and became very skeptical.

I was almost discouraged when I came across negative Launch You reviews and Stuart Ross. However, I recognized that every product or service will have negative reviews. Despite this, those reviews almost stopped me from purchasing Stuart’s program. Nevertheless, I took the leap of faith and bought the program. It enabled me to leave my corporate job and become a successful entrepreneur since 2020.

My Achievements

Thanks to Stuart’s education and mentoring, I have achieved the following:

  • Built a successful affiliate marketing business that generates a semi-passive income through over 20 different affiliate programs (a common starting point).
  • Established a consulting and education business, where I work on my own terms and earn thousands of dollars per month helping software developers and the likes in my niche.
  • Co-founded a web3 startup in the crypto industry in 2022 and even pitched it at Google in Switzerland.
  • Created a YouTube channel with 5,000 subscribers (my goal is to reach 100,000 subscribers within the next 12 months) where I share my passion topics through engaging videos.
  • Gained expertise in selling physical products on to generate income (though I have yet to launch my first product due to other exciting projects).
  • In general, I now have the freedom to choose where and when I work, with ample time to enjoy with my family.

What You Can Expect

But this is not about me, it is about YOU!

In this review, I hope I can achieve the following.

First, I will provide you with an honest look inside with my Launch You review, without all the noise. We will explore what they offer and how it benefits you.

Second, I will inspire you to take action and start your online business. Making money online is simpler than you think. Of course, it takes hard work, but it is not rocket science.

Third, I will enable you to decide if Launch You provides the right roadmap for you. Launch You is not for everyone and I will explain why later.

This is an “ultimate guide” style post with a lot of information on the page. It will take approximately 20 minutes to read, so please stick with me.

If you do not have the time, you can sign up for the foundational training, Modern Wealthy, here.

I want to make sure that you are aware that some competitors and affiliate marketers may try to discourage you from starting with Launch You. Instead, they might divert your attention to their own offers. Please don’t let this unethical marketing approach mislead you. I will provide only the facts to dispel any typical falsehoods and help you make an informed decision.

By the way, I would like to suggest that you avoid negative review websites that engage in brand bashing. This is a desperate strategy designed to distract you and sell you on their bias in an attempt to make a sale. Unfortunately, these types of sites can cause people to waste a lot of time and effort jumping from one program to the next.

Trust your intuition when choosing the right program and stay focused on your progress. Remember, I’m here to support you every step of the way!

With that said, let’s dive in and get started!

How to Make Money Online FAST

A woman drowning in dollars

If you’re looking to make money within the next few days or weeks, I’m sorry to say that it’s not a realistic expectation, regardless of the course you buy.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that making money online is easy, especially with all the claims you see on YouTube. However, the reality is:

  • Consistency is key.
  • You need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.
  • You’ll need to invest money into your business without any guarantee of return.
  • Failure is inevitable, but it’s an opportunity to learn (I’ve personally failed at two businesses and gained valuable experience from it!).
  • Hard work is necessary every single day.
  • Discipline and obsession are crucial.

If you can read through this list and confidently say, “Yes, I can do this,” then you’re on the path to success. I believe in you! Keep reading.

If you’re short on time and eager to get started, simply click on the link below.

What Is Launch You

Launch You

The Launch You Ecosystem

The Launch You ecosystem consists of three main areas:

This ecosystem is simply incredible! I haven’t seen anything in the market which comes even close to what Launch You provides. The training program is the most comprehensive I have ever seen. It covers every aspect of building a successful online business, which is crucial for success. What sets Launch You apart from others is the all-in-one ecosystem they provide, which simplifies progress and success.

Launch You is not like other programs that are just “fancy, new, shiny objects”. Those ones usually just offer a few hours video course and then leave you to it.

The company Launch You has been around for over 15 years. They have a track record of helping thousands of people to prepare, launch, and grow successful online businesses from scratch. This makes Launch You unique and trustworthy.

As a member of their platform for four years, I am very familiar with how their framework works. I know how to navigate the community, and how to be successful online by following their teachings. This is how I can give you such an inside perspective in this Launch You review.

The Launch You Framework

Launch You provides a proven framework. It empowers new entrepreneurs to become successful online business owners. The engaging video-based training program contains three distinct phases: ‘prepare’, ‘launch’, and ‘grow’.

Each phase takes you through essential tasks that will enable you to quickly get your business up and running. This program has already helped thousands of members. You can be confident that any issues or questions you may have will be quickly addressed.

The Launch You Framework
The Launch You Framework


The foundation phase is crucial for achieving online business success. Launch You provides a comprehensive roadmap to get there. The foundational LaunchPad focuses on your income and lifestyle goals. And the truth about making money online, as well as what it takes to efficiently achieve your income goal.

You will also gain access to Your Best Life Blueprint. This is a 21-step program that walks you through how to achieve holistic success in four key life areas: Health, Wealth, Self & Social.

Business Models

The training course lays out a variety of business models to choose from. These include affiliate marketing, e-commerce, selling your own information products, providing services to clients and driving more customers to your existing business.


Choosing your niche can be challenging. Carefully consider topics that interest you, find gaps in the market, partner with affiliates. Review audience sizes, and community building aspects. This way, you can make an informed decision.

Customer Avatar

Defining your customer avatar is the process of establishing a detailed description of your ideal customer. You don’t know what a customer avatar is? Watch my video on YouTube.

Brand Strategy

Launch You offers an extensive range of branding training and services. Their offers include logo design, website development, social media marketing strategy, and more.

Web & Online Presence

Launch You provides world-class hosting, templates, and marketing tools through the DigitalBusinessLounge (DBL). It includes live training webinars, unlimited support, and access to the DBL private community group.

The LaunchPad membership includes hosting for one website, so you don’t need to pay extra for your business site or go somewhere else.

Attraction Marketing

Launch You teaches a revolutionary approach to online marketing that focuses on effective strategies. They allow you to reach your ideal customers in ways they will respond best to your messaging.

Scaling Your Business

Launch You has a combination of their own training and various partnerships. This includes LinkedIn Learning and They provide quick and easy access to everything you need to grow and scale your business.

If you need knowledge on a specific topic, you do not have to search for and buy extra online training. You can simply access it on the platform, and it is included in your LaunchPad membership.

Launch You Training Library
Launch You Training Library

Product Line and Pricing

Launch You offer three core training lines which I’m going to explain below.

Modern Wealthy ($37)

The Modern Wealthy is a powerful program. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand what drives online business success. With this program, you will be able to identify the right strategy that fits your unique goals and aspirations.

This program provides an exceptional introduction to the Launch You proven business blueprint and curriculum. It is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the strategies that work.

The Modern Wealthy curriculum is composed of seven engaging lessons that cover all the essential topics you need to know.

  • The Modern Wealthy Way
  • Hyper Profitable Business Models
  • Six & Seven Figure Niches
  • Send Email Make Money
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • Authority Marketing Secrets
  • Autopilot Traffic, Sales & Income

Not only do you receive the curriculum, but you also gain access to the e-book “Authority Marketing Secrets of the Modern Wealthy”. This comprehensive book opens the door to the many opportunities to generate income online. Additionally, Launch You currently offers two bonus courses, “Affiliate Marketing 101” and “Ecom 101”, when you sign up.

Finally, you will gain exclusive entry to the private Facebook group. This Modern Wealthy group will give you the opportunity to engage in discourse with other students.

The Modern Wealthy Package
The Modern Wealthy Package

LaunchPad ($997 annual or $197 initial + $99/month)

If you are truly committed to launching your own online business, then LaunchPad is the perfect implementation program. It is not a typical course that simply tells you the “how to”. Instead, the program is designed to provide you with everything you need to create your own version of success. It includes all the necessary tools, resources, templates, training, and shortcuts.

LaunchPad Dashboard
LaunchPad Dashboard

Unlike many other online courses, LaunchPad is different. It does not offer a rigid learning experience where a one-size-fits-all approach is the norm. Instead, it offers flexible learning paths. These ensure you are always just a click away from the additional knowledge and deep learning required to stay on track with your goals. As you follow the framework, you’ll discover that each component is designed to deliver a specific outcome. And will help keep you moving forward in your business with confidence.

LaunchPad Individual Learning Paths
Individual Learning Paths in LaunchPad

One of the greatest advantages of LaunchPad is its ability to guide you through the process of building a successful online business. It gives you the confidence to overcome the biggest challenges along the way. With this effective framework, you can stay on track and achieve the best possible results, step by step.

The LaunchPad curriculum is composed of 6 comprehensive modules. It contains over 60 video lessons in total, giving you the ability to launch your online business step-by-step with confidence.

  • Module 1 – Foundation: Your Best Life Blueprint, Freedom income goal, Online authority marketing, etc.
  • Module 2 – Business Models: Incubating You, Affiliate Marketing 101, E-comm 101, etc.
  • Module 3 – Niche & Avatar: Niche Brainstorming, Niche trends, Customer & Business avatar, etc.
  • Module 4 – Your Brand & Website: What, How & Why, Brand Guidelines, etc
  • Module 5 – Attraction Marketing: A message that matters, Why use stories?
  • Module 6 – Traffic, Leads & Sales: SEO, Tracking, Google Ads, etc
LaunchPad Curriculum
LaunchPad Curriculum

Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing benefits you’ll receive with your LaunchPad membership:

  • Access to the LaunchPad core curriculum
  • Flexible learning paths tailored to your needs
  • Entry into a vibrant and supportive community
  • Exclusive access to website templates and hosting services
  • Weekly live webinars with top-notch instructors
  • You have access to over 12,000 additional courses through partnership with LinkedIn Learning

It’s important to note that the true value of this program lies in its community. The connections you’ll make and the wealth of knowledge you’ll gain from fellow members. This is an incredible experience that you won’t want to miss out on!


The Accelerate program is a 12-month coaching and implementation program available exclusively through application. It is designed for individuals who seek to one-on-one mentoring. Accelerate includes advanced training and support while working through the curriculum.

You will first be matched with a dedicated coach to develop a customized launch and implementation plan. Afterwards, you can progress through the curriculum at your desired pace. Coaches and an implementation partners will be by your side.

Throughout your journey, your coaches will provide ongoing support and guidance as you put what you learned into practice. They will also direct you to more advanced training resources as necessary.

Launch You Insights


5 Ways Of Getting Support When You Need It

As a student of Launch You, I can confirm that you will never be left alone with just a few videos. The support you receive is unparalleled. Here are some ways to get help when you’re stuck:

  • Member Support Desk The Member Support Desk provides around-the-clock support from trained experts. You can count on their help whether you have a problem with your account or just need some general help.
  • Private Facebook Group This is a place where members share wins, ask questions, share stories, and get advice from others. Building your business can feel lonely at times. But this group provides a great way to stay connected with others who are on the same journey as you.
  • Daily Interactive Live Webinars Each day, you can listen in on live video conference calls featuring experts in their field. During these sessions, they’ll share best practices and current trends in the world of online business.
  • The ‘Ask a Question’ Tool This tool provides expert advice from experienced entrepreneurs 24/7. It’s your go-to source for help. It could be with setting up your website, designing a new logo for your business, or hiring freelancers for your growing business. With this tool, getting the help you need is easy and accessible.
  • Access to 15,000 Searchable Courses The platform offers access to over 15,000 courses at no extra cost, so you can achieve your business goals. From digital marketing to social media growth to developing the right mindset, these courses cover all the business topics that matter to you.

Are Students Getting Success At Launch You?

Although I don’t have the actual figures, defining what ‘success’ means is challenging because it varies from person to person. However, based on my experience, I estimate that around 10% of members who join will create the life they desire.

When I first learned this figure after joining, I was taken aback. Nonetheless, the following statistic provided clarity.

Globally, the average online course has a completion rate of 13%!

This means that only 13 out of 100 people who sign up for online courses finish them. It’s why online course success rates are low, and why I stressed the key bullet points at the beginning of this article.

If you’re not committed to achieving your desired level of success, there’s no point in signing up.

I may sound like a broken record, but this is a crucial point to comprehend.

Those 10% who are willing to put in the effort have been able to build multiple streams of income online and created the life they have always dreamed of. I can count myself to that group 🙂

Interacting with individuals who share your drive and commitment has been an undeniably positive experience. The results speak for themselves – Launch You members are achieving their goals and the case studies below offer concrete proof.

Who is Behind Launch You?

Stuart Ross is an entrepreneur who has been in the online space for over 15 years. He has generated over $100 million in online sales. Stuart made his money through affiliate marketing, starting in the dating niche. Then he moved into creating software, educational companies, and a charity.

Before starting out, I read a lot of negative reviews online about Stuart, which almost put them off. While the advanced courses are expensive and the success rate is low, the education provided is next level. My personal experience is that this has changed my life for the better, not just financially.

But why are there negative reviews about Stuart? I believe that people don’t like to take responsibility for their actions. If they haven’t achieved the desired results after spending thousands of dollars on courses. They would rather blame others than admit they didn’t try hard enough.

I like to compare it to a gym membership. You can become a member of the best gym in the world with personal trainers, individual training programs, spas and much more. But if you are not willing to show up and do your exercises – who are you going to blame if you don’t get a six pack?

If other people have had success through a program, it means it’s possible for anyone to succeed as well.

Stuart has owned several businesses in the online space, including The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. They have been around for over 10 years. These businesses taught similar things to what Launch You teaches. In other words, helping people start businesses online.

However, due to recent events in 2020, the company struggled to stay afloat, so Stuart created Launch You. The training is now digital, rather than in-person at events. And it has been updated to be in line with what’s working in 2022. It is normal for companies to reinvent themselves or rebrand, just like how Facebook has rebranded to Meta.

The Budget You Need For Business And Marketing

At Launch You, in addition to the marketing education fees, it is imperative that you invest in your business to bring it to fruition. You will need to buy tools and software to automate your online business. These essential costs include a domain name for your website ($10-20 per year), and web hosting (included in Launch You). You will also need an email marketing software. The latter is free initially until you start getting leads, then it’ll cost roughly $19 per month. It is crucial that you budget for these costs.

Launch You offers two different types of marketing: organic and paid.

Organic marketing involves using social media, YouTube, blogging, and other free methods to generate leads for your business.

Paid marketing, on the other hand, involves launching advertising campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. This approach will require monetary investment.

The smallest advertising budget on these platforms is $10 a day, although starting with $5 will take longer to see results.

To maximize growth, it I recommend to reinvest profits into your marketing budget rather than taking them out. By scaling up your marketing budget and increasing your number of leads, your revenue will grow at a faster rate.

If you are short on time and want to make sales immediately, paid marketing is the perfect choice for you. Yet, if you have plenty of free time and little money, the organic marketing route is better suited for you. Keep in mind that if you have no time and no money, building a business will be a challenging task!

Is There Any Guarantee?

Launch You offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, which is unmatched by most similar programs and courses. This means that you can fully experience the entire system for 30 days. If you find even the slightest detail that doesn’t meet your expectations, they will refund your money in full! And I have seen this happening, as this program is not for everyone.

How You Can Earn Money With Launch You

As I have described above, there are several ways (→ see business models) how members can create income streams online. These include

Affiliate marketing – This involves promoting products or services offered by other businesses. You earn a commission on any sales you generate. It’s an excellent way to kickstart your online business with minimal initial investment and fast returns.

E-commerce – This involves selling physical goods. You will learn how to source products, market and sell them through platforms like Amazon FBA, Shopify, and your own web store.

Information & Coaching products – This involves creating and selling your own digital products and programs. It can be e-books, online courses, and memberships. You will also learn how to attract a full roster of clients if you are a coach or consultant.

Providing services – There is a high demand for freelance services online. These range from web development and design to virtual assistance and content creation (just to name a few).

Driving more customers to your existing business – If you already have an existing business, you will learn proven strategies. Apply them properly and you will get more customers than you can handle!

The Launch You framework encourages you to build a brand that can generate multiple income streams from the ground up. This sets Launch You apart from other online courses that only focus on one income stream or business model. When it comes to making money online, there are many ways to do so, and it only makes sense to tap into multiple income streams.

Is Launch You A Pyramid Scheme?

You may be wondering why people are promoting Launch You and trying to convince you to sign up. Is this just a pyramid scheme? The answer is no.

A pyramid scheme is a system in which a person recruits others, promising payment or services, to form a chain under them. Those recruits then go on to recruit others, with the earliest participants benefiting the most. The ones who join later usually lose money.

Launch You has an affiliate program that allows people to act as middlemen and earn commissions. The benefit of an affiliate program is that the company doesn’t have to focus on marketing to bring in customers. Instead, they can focus on their services and customers. Millions of companies have affiliate programs, from online courses and web hosting to software, Amazon, and

Do You Need To Be An Affiliate For Launch You?

No, you don’t need to be an affiliate of Launch You. However, as you progress through the program, you may be encouraged to become one if you’re unsure of what you want to do.

When I first started, I didn’t want to just promote a course. I was passionate about promoting tech products.

There are a few things you need to understand, which took me about a month to grasp. Promoting digital products as an affiliate marketer allows you to earn a lot more in commissions because they don’t have manufacturing costs. These can include online courses, software, digital tools, mentorship programs, 1-1 training, and online webinars. Or teacher training, apps, trading and investment platforms.

However, promoting mobile phones, chargers, laptops, tech gadgets, and similar products would yield lower commissions. This doesn’t mean I can’t promote them. It means that it will take longer to generate income and get the site off the ground.

Are People Just Making Money Selling Launch You?

The short answer is: No.

In the world of online marketing, selling Launch You has been a proven source of income for many beginners. The reason for this is that promoting Launch You offers a valuable support network. This helps individuals learn new skills and presents the opportunity to earn high-ticket affiliate commissions. Sometimes even totaling thousands of dollars per sale.

Recently, a well-established business owner purchased an extensive package from Launch You to help rebrand his business. This resulted in a $1,200 commission for me. It’s important to note, however, that these types of sales and profits are not typical on the first day.

Furthermore, many members join Launch You without a clear understanding of what they want to do. They simply want to start earning online to create more time freedom. After mastering marketing and generating sales and revenue, members can broaden their horizons and promote extral products.

This is exactly what I did personally, but ultimately, the choice is yours. You are building your own business, so you have full control over what you choose to promote and create.

Does Launch You Only Teach Affiliate Marketing?

Short answer: No.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best routes to begin your online journey. It allows you to grasp key concepts of digital marketing without having to build out your own product. You don’t have to deal with refund requests, complaints, payment processors, shipping, deliveries, and so on.

This is especially useful if you’re starting an online business on the side of your job and don’t have the time to handle all of that. Instead, you can simply focus on making sales for other companies’ products.

However, it’s important to remember that affiliate marketing may not be your long-term solution. Once you’ve replaced your income and built up a nice nest egg, you can branch out to other opportunities.

For example, I used the skills I learned at Launch You to grow my own consulting and education business. Amongst other projects that I have shared with you earlier.

Your choices are endless, but you have to start somewhere. Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin your digital journey. And to gain valuable insights into digital marketing concepts.

Launch You teaches a variety of business models to choose from. This includes affiliate marketing, e-commerce, selling your own information products, providing services to clients and driving more customers to your existing business.

How Long It Takes To Succeed

I understand that you may still have this question on your mind. However, I want to emphasize that it’s impossible for me to give you a clear answer without repeating what I’ve said before.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people get started online. Most of them are very driven and determined on the first day. However, as time passes, the excitement of building an online business starts to fade. People begin to realize that it’s not just a matter of lounging on the beach and watching the money fly in from the computer screen. It’s tough work that requires consistency, even on the days when you’re feeling down.

In fact, building an online business is akin to learning a language. With Launch You, you’re essentially acquiring a new skill. If I started speaking to you in Chinese, you wouldn’t understand it. But if you spent 2-3 hours a day practicing Chinese, after a month, you’d have some basic understanding. After 6 months, you’d probably be able to have a rudimentary conversation. And after 12-24 months, you’d be well on your way to being fluent.

The same principle applies here. Today, you may not comprehend what’s going on. In a month, you’ll start to grasp the basics. After 6 months, you should be making sales consistently. And in 12-24 months, you should be on your way to freedom, if not already there. Regrettably, very few people make it past the first month or two, just like going to the gym in January!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Congratulations on making it this far! As promised, this is an ultimate-style review leaving no stone unturned.

Now it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to join the Launch You program. Let’s review them now:

What I like about Launch You

✅ Comprehensive step-by-step training and proven framework
✅ Access to mentors and entrepreneurs for support
✅ Weekly live webinars and Q&A sessions
✅ Access to a highly active community of like-minded entrepreneurs
✅ 30-day money-back guarantee

What I don’t like about Launch You

❌ Can be overwhelming for beginners
❌ Expensive high-ticket coaching programs
❌ Navigation through the extensive education offered may not always be easy
❌Does not focus on business only, but also on topics like self-development (if you like that)

Concluding The Launch You Review & Next Steps


I hope this review has helped you gain a better understanding of whether Launch You is right for you or not.

If your goal is to make fast money in the next two weeks and you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, I recommend that you look elsewhere. Let’s be honest, I have never come across any program that can really make you rich overnight. In my opinion, such offers are false promises.

For me, Stuart Ross and his programs have truly changed my life for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend these programs. The journey I went through is priceless. I met so many amazing people and made friends for life all over the world.

While I admit that the training can be on the expensive side, I believe it is definitely worth the money if you are serious and willing to put in the effort.

My advice is to not wait another minute to get started. The longer you wait and the more excuses you come up with, the longer it will take to create the life you want. Making a lot of money online is achievable! And it’s not just reserved for those who started years before you.

Inside the Launch You community, members are experiencing breakthroughs every day. It’s all because they are taking action. The fact that you’re reading this right now tells me two things. You are serious about taking your life to the next level, and you want to learn how to make money online.

The only thing left for you to decide is whether to start with the entry program, Modern Wealthy, or go all in with LaunchPad right away. Whatever path you choose, I guarantee that you will be taking massive steps toward your ultimate life of freedom and prosperity. So what are you waiting for?

If you join through my link above, you will not only gain access to everything that Launch You offers. You also get a free strategy call with me, my affiliate playbook, and many other valuable tips and tricks – at no additional costs.

Steffen Mey

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