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“Do I Need To Have Technical Skills To Succeed With An Online Business?”

This is the most asked question I get from people who are considering to start an online business. Many new entrepreneurs think they need to have technical skills to succeed online. The simple answer to the question is no. You do not have to be a technical expert.

In most instances diving down a technical “rabbit hole” will get you no where. You don’t have to be a coder or a designer to get your idea online and to market.


You can easily outsource many of these functions. You can also pay much less than you would think. By using talented individuals in locations outside the U.S. or U.K.

You can find someone highly skilled who can execute what you need completed at a fraction of the cost. These costs would be about 10 times more if looking for talent in London or New York.

What I have outsourced

For example, I have outsourced the design of my logo. I’m not good in graphical design work and creativity. Designing a logo would have taken me ages and still it would look crappy. And I was very happy with the person who did this for me. So I got him engaged in doing another logo for my second business. This time including business cards, letter templates, etc.

Good resources

Here are two sites that I can recommend for finding cost effective freelancers: Search for the skill set you need. You can find someone who can code and construct a user experience site for a few dollars. Upwork is similar, but more focused on projects. Place your project description on the job boards – and it is not only limited to technical jobs. Then you’ll get freelancers pitching and bidding for your project.

You will see their previous experience and then you can choose the best fit. The most successful online entrepreneurs aren’t the technical folks. They are the strategy people. Understanding strategy and knowing what you want to do doesn’t need any technical expertise.

Basic technical skills

If you can write down your strategy: what your product is, why it matters, your message and how it’s different.

Then you can find the technical support you need. It’s never a bad idea to learn some basic technical skills like how to publish a blog or upload a video. You can learn that in minutes. Don’t shy away from day-to-day small tasks. And Mentors has got easy step-by-step courses for any such things.

But don’t waste your time trying to pull off stuff that are much more complex. If you have the idea someone else can make it look good and work.

When you hit a wall of frustration, that’s when it’s time to bring in the professionals. Even if the software says you can learn in an hour, think again. Because that’s probably not accurate.

Focus on strategy

As a business owner, you have to focus your time on what matters the most like:

  • Improving your product
  • Creating a great customer experience
  • Being your brand’s visionary
  • Helping your product stand out

You should concentrate on how you can bring value to the marketplace. You should not worry about website development, coding or even design. It won’t hurt to have some basic technical knowledge and to understand things like social media marketing and email marketing.


Don’t let this be a hurdle to you getting your business going. Don’t procrastinate on getting your product or service to market because you don’t have a technical background.

Find the help you need for the more complex parts so you can focus on the strategy.

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